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Why is your SQL Server or query running slowly?

From a high level perspective, it is usually due to a lack of knowledge.  Knowledge about ... how poorly the queries are performing, fundamentals of query execution, how to fix a bad query, what else is running on the server at this time, etc.  Monitoring your SQL Server's is the first step to resolution.

Slowness with SQL Servers or queries is fairly common.  It usually occurs over time as more data, more programs ... more demands ... are placed on the server.

The table to the left lists some common reasons why the slowness becomes noticeable.

What can be done about it?  Your options vary based on a number of factors.  Such as whether or not it is running  a 3rd party application.

Often that limits the remedies available.

But in order to fix the slowness the root cause(s) must be discovered.


We can help with that - on all levels of the solution stack.  Just give us a call today.

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