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Microsoft SQL Server

The professionals at SaberDBA understand and are skilled at the entire life-cycle of data.  From it's inception, to capturing it, to storing it safely and security, to making it available as needed.  This allows us to develop solid information platforms from the ground up.  A solid database design, good data management techniques and accurate, understandable presentation of the information the data contains.  We know the technologies, the tools and the techniques.  As well as what does not work.

Data Architecture

Because this is where it all starts.  You cannot build high quality, reliable solutions without a solid database architecture. Period.


No amount of query tuning, faster storage, faster CPUs or more memory will change that fact.

Database Development

Database Development

The physical implementation of the logical design.  The nitty-gritty details that are so often not given the appropriate level of attention.  


It is important to get it right now, up front. Otherwise, every query, every insert, every update will suffer.  No matter how impressive the front end looks.

Database Deployment

The physical and logical structures that represent your business entities and operations.  


Building a sound database is easy ... once you've put the several hard years of study and practice behind you.  


It's also easy by 'coding-first'.  But sometimes the code that's generated causes some issues on it's own.

Database Design

Yes, it is an art.  Combined with data processing science.  You need to design a relational database that properly reflects:

  • your actual business transactions

  • a sound logical design


It's important to have a solid logical data model.  One that truly represents the way your company does business.

Database and Query Tuning

You need to be measuring performance throughout your database and query development cycle.  And test with large quantities of data.  Nearly any code runs fast with small sets of data.  You need to know (not find out!) how your design works with large sets before it is released for production use.

Hint:  logical page reads matter.  A lot.

Server & Database Monitoring

Do you know what is actually happening 'inside' your database right at this moment? 

Most people are somewhat surprised to see once they do find out.  It's often not what you think.  


See our ongoing blog series entitled 'Showing the Vendor their Own Product' for some insights.

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