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SaberDBA helps companies manage their data

Are you looking for a professional Data Management Consultant?  Someone who knows Microsoft SQL Server very well and has extensive experience with real world applications and solutions?

Is Saber DBA the right choice for your data management needs?

Good question.  And one you should be asking before you entrust your systems and solutions to any consultant.


The answer is YES, if you are looking to do things right.


There are many firms that are willing to do nearly anything for a client if the time is billable.  They talk about 'keeping the client from shooting themselves in the foot', while letting it happen time and again.  We actually believe the best service we can provide, at times, is saying 'don't do that'.


At Saber DBA, we don't believe in shortcuts.  As 'Holmes on Homes' said so eloquently (as he was sanding a hardwood floor) ... 'quality takes time, and a lot of hard work'.  We agree.


The reason shortcuts and quick fixes are not appealing is they merely delay a problem until a later point in time.  Usually an inopportune time such as when something is due.  Is that really the right time to find our your entire solution was tested by a single developer with only 25 test records?  And your system is expecting 1,500 concurrent users?  Painful lessons coming your way in that situation.


Doing things right does not mean things happen slowly and everything is expensive.


Quite the contrary, doing things right is what allows things to move quickly - and still achieve the desired outcome.  Our experience in both back end and front end data management solutions has provided the most valuable quality in a consultant. Sound judgement.  And that's what allows your solutions to meet your needs today, at an affordable cost, and be extendable in the future without a complete re-write.


At Saber DBA, we produce high quality, professional solutions by:

  • Adhering to Best Practices (they are called that for a reason!)

  • Using appropriate Solution Design Patterns

  • Remembering previous Lessons from the Trenches


We don't have well dressed sales reps wining and dining.  We don't have a big building as a tribute to ourselves.


What we do have is experienced professionals who:

  • are passionate about technology and data management

  • care about what you are doing and finding ways to help

  • build solutions that don't fall apart without constant attention


In other words, just what you need to properly manage  your data.


Give us a call today and see for yourself.  You'll be glad you did.

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