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SQL Server Integration Services

Loading data is a requirement in more and more companies everyday.  If you are using SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services is the tool of choice.  It allows you to connect to a variety of data sources and extract, transform and load (ETL) the data into your destination system.  It is a powerful, flexible tool and, if use properly, moves large quantities of data quickly and accurately.  

SQL Server Integration services (SSIS) is Microsoft's solution for addressing the ETL need in organizations using Microsoft SQL Server.


Integration Services can acess data from a variety of data sources such as:

  • other Microsoft SQL Servers

  • Excel

  • Oracle

  • Many others


SSIS is a very powerful tool and requires a specific skill set unless used in the simplest of situations. Definitely get yourself a book on both getting started as well as 'recipies' or design patterns.  Also, please take the time to learn how to redirect rows to an error output and error handling in general.

Learning to use Integration Services is no small undertaking except for the simplest of use cases.

A numer of time consuming hurdles must be overcome:

  • Understanding the control and data flow tasks

  • Mastering the visual designer, which has more than a few 'gotchas' 

  • Understanding what should and should not be done with Integration Services

Let the professional data management consultants at Saber DBA assist with your data integration needs.  We have much experience with moving, loading, extracting and transforming data.  We can build you a solution that will serve your needs.

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