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Microsoft Business Intelligence

We support Microsoft's full Business Intelligence framework.  On-premises, hybrid and cloud implementations.  BI solutions ranging from self-service and team to enterprise level.  Behind the vast capabilities of Microsoft's BI vision are many complexities.  But you don't need to worry about them at all.  We'll guide you through them all and you can focus on managing your company's business intelligence needs.  And get those compelling visuals - and they will be easy to 'consume' as well.

Power BI​


The latest, most powerful self-service BI offering.  Impressive features at a great price!

Analysis Services


Both traditional multi-dimensional cubes and tabular data models.

Reporting Services​


Has a fresh look and feel in SQL Server 2016.  And integrates with the PowerBI online service.

Integration Services​


Load and transform your source data, with visibility into the results of the operations.

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