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SQL Server Reporting Services

Reporting is one of most important uses of all of the data that is collected by companies.  There are a wide variety of reporting tools available with many compelling features.  Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is a very capable reporting environment.  It features several drag and drop report authoring tools as well as a run-time environment for users to consume the reports via a browser.  It also has flexible security, the ability to subscribe to reports and even integrates with SharePoint! 

SQL Server Reporting services has been Microsoft's primary reporting tool for the BI stack for many years.  It is a visual drap and drop reporting environment that allows developers to produce interactive reports that users can consume in a browser.


Reporting Services can utilize data from a variety of data sources and create reports that offer:

  • drill-through capability

  • export to PDF

  • visuals

  • subscriptions


Even though getting started is easy, it SSRS report authoring is a skill that requires both practice and commitment to best practices.


One of he best things about Reporting Services, compared to other competing products, is it's price. It is included with Microsoft SQL Server at no additional charge.


In SQL Server 2016, Microsoft has made a significant investment in updating Reporting Services.  It now features an updated user interface as well as other desired features.


Also, Reporting Services 2016 is now appears to be taking center stage of the on-premise self-service BI functionality.  There's talk of it being able to host Power BI workbooks on-premises!  That's great news for organizations that are not yet ready to host their financial and operational reports in the cloud (using the Power BI Service).

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