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SaberDBA is a small team of professionals with strong data management skills and a proven track record in the healthcare, financial and manufacturing industries.  We not only understand the individual technologies of a solution, we know the proper way to implement them.  The result for your company is effective, reliable solutions. We can help you build a data management and reporting platform the right way.

SaberDBA - helping you build your data platform, the right way.

Who is currently implementing your data management platform?  How good is their vision? How well do they understand the individual components of the solution?


At many companies the design of their information delivery platforms is the result of a series of individual efforts.  Often that is based on a limited understanding of the technologies involved.  Or, even worse,  a 'fuzzy data model'.


It's no wonder the database design is weak when the web developer is implementing it in a 'code-first' fashion ... without formal design sessions.  Or code reviews.  Or dev standards.


Database architecture and design is a complex topic and not all developers have the interest in learning to do it well. It requires someone with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of databases and data management.


Our Approach is different.  We start with the basics and add functionality in a properly layered manner.  Each component is designed and developed, not just glued together for convenience.  The result is a reliable platform that meets your current needs and can be enhanced as your needs evolve.

A successful data management or reporting solution starts with a few key components:


  • Fully understanding the customer's goals 

  • Clearly understanding the business' data

  • Mastery of the technologies used in the solution

  • A solid database to serve as your foundation


Unfortunately, these items are often lost in today's environment of new frameworks every month and relentless deadlines.  Also, it is highly unlikely a developer will get things right the first time they try a new tool or technique.  


There is a big difference in being able to use a tool and proper implementation of a technology.  It takes years of experience and a depth of knowledge in ALL of the solutions components. That includes the network, storage, servers and virtualization as well as the operating systems, database server and presentation technologies.


Plus keeping an eye on the overall goal.  Helping your company affordably address a business requirement.



Who do  you think would build a better data management and interactive reporting solution?  


A java developer that said 'what do I care about what's happening in the database, I'm a developer'. Someone who is routinely asked to address performance problems in web applications?

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