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SQL Server Database Administration

The professionals at SaberDBA are experienced, professional Microsoft SQL Server resources.  We design, install, support and monitor hundreds of SQL Servers in various industries and locations.  As a solid platform is required for solid solutions, we take that duty seriously.  So you don't have to spend your life reading 1,200 page books or reading blog articles until your eyes are bleeding.

Saber DBA specializes in data management and databases - done the right way!

SQL Server Database Administration ... an important part of data management

Must haves for your Database Server

  • Proper licensing

  • Proper sizing and configuration

  • Proper connectivity

  • Proper storage - SAN, DAS or local SSDs.  That has been benchmarked!

  • A 'clean install'.  Or you start over.

  • Solid database maintenance routines

  • Proven recovery strategy (passed testing!)

  • Ongoing monitoring and log review

Powerful SQL Server Features

  • In-memory technologies (think fast!)

  • Always Encrypted

  • Always On

  • High Availability / Clustering

  • Replication

  • World class database performance

  • 'Free' Business Intelligence platform

  • Flexible job scheduler

  • Built-in performance reports

We specialize in Microsoft SQL Server planning, deployment, installation, maintenance and support.

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