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Data Management

The professionals at SaberDBA understand and are skilled at the entire life-cycle of data.  From it's inception, to capturing it, to storing it safely and security, to making it available as needed. This allows us to develop solid information platforms from the ground up.  A solid database design, good data management techniques and accurate, understandable presentation of the information the data contains.  We know the technologies, the tools and the techniques.

The Paperless Office


Information at Your FingerTips


Seemless Applications


Single Version of the Truth


Heard any of these before?  Us too, for many years.  And most of them didn't

really bring the benefits they promised.

Do you have any idea why?

Because managing data is difficult.  Sure, anyone can put together a solution that manages some data.  But most data is related to other data.  What do you do about that?


ERP and CRM applications were going to solve all of this many years ago.  But they didn't.  What they did was bring another very expensive platform in and substitute the old problems for new ones.  After making you change your business processes to 'their way'.  (They also are the most frequent failures.  Along with Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing initiatives).


Your data management strategy should be designed by a professional, just like your database.  And by someone who is 'hands-on' with data everyday.  Otherwise, you'll end up somewhere your likely to not want to be ...

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