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Saber DBA's consultants take a personal interest in your success

Getting personal

How difficult is it to get a definitive answer from your existing solution provider on a topic that is on your mind at this moment?

How many people do you have to 'go through' to finally get the answer?  How long did it take?

At Saber DBA, we believe a personal relationship is the foundation for a good relationship.

Personal Relationships ... the key to successful projects

Don't you just love today's technology environment?  The sought after efficiencies have resulted in a less than optimal situation for customers.


  • Customer service reps explaining to you how they are 'trying to help you', when they clearly are not.  Or perhaps don't even understand what you are telling them.

  • Technical support resources that are engageable only through email.  

  • Developers who are 'unreachable', except by speaking through their relationship manager, who is not a technical resource.  And you have a development issue right now.


These are just a few common examples of daily roadblocks you may encounter while building data management and business intelligence solutions.  Although theses 'processes' may produce fine metrics, the quality of communication and customer service doesn't work out so well for the client.


What are they missing?  The most critical part of any engagement ... a personal relationship with the right resources.

As technology professionals we encounter the same obstacles when assisting our clients with supporting their environments. Something is not working properly and the client can't convince their support resources the problem is within their solution.  It's almost comical when it happens directly after an application update! 


'We think it's on your end'.  'No other client is having this issue'.  'It's your environment'.  'We can't reproduce the issue, we're closing your ticket'.  'Have you tried our new product?'


Many of us have heard these phrases.  And the problem still exists.  The 'support process' has eaten up many hours already, and you may not know what to do next.


The key to problem resolution is putting the appropriate contacts, with the appropriate skill sets, from the vendor and client, in direct contact.  Over the phone!  Time and again this approach has put an issue to bed within minutes.  Because the right people are talking to each other.


At Saber DBA we have a personal relationship with our clients. And our clients can reach us when they need to - on the phone.  There's no quicker way to address a sitution.  It's the type of service your company, and your solutions, deserve.

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