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Web Applications

Custom web applications are still needed just about everywhere.  Whether serving as the primary front end of your order entry and shipping application, or simple data entry forms for lookup tables. But you need to understand a few things about web development.  Most importantly - not all 'web developers' have the same skill set.  They are not at all interchangable, without ramp-up time.  And what yours doesn't know can hurt you.  Please, start your next web development application with a solid database design.

Web applications are powerful solutions, but the database matters too.

How about the database design?

  • A good looking and responsive design in a worthy goal for a web application. But having a solid database and queries on the back end is too.

  • That includes primary keys, foreign keys, referential integrity and so on.

  • Web applications manage data.  Data in databases.  And databases require appropriate designs to be effective.

Microsoft Web Technologies

  • Web Forms

  • MVC

  • Single Page Applications

  • WebAPI


Choosing the right technology will have a lasting effect on the ongoing cost of maintaining and extending your solution.


We can build your web application with both a solid front and back end.


To Do

Ask your web developer about the website database.  


Do our table structures accurately reflect our business entities and transactions?

Who designed our database?  May I please see the design documents?

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