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Power User Guidance

What could be better than having a self-starter?  A motivated employee that is willing to try new ideas to get the job done?  Someone that learns every week and isn't afraid to put their ideas into production?

That very same person ... with the right guidance from an experienced professional.

'Power Users' come in all shapes, sizes and flavors.  Years ago, they were the ones that read the manual.  Today, they are the ones learning via 2-5 minute YouTube clips.


They can be either an asset or a major liability to your efforts.  But they have at least two key components that ar very valuable ... initiative and motivation.  Now, they probably just need some rounding out and they can really be useful to your efforts.

Most clients like to believe they have exception staff.  And sometimes they do. Power Users can go either way.  They may be the next CIO or might sink the entire project budget by steering everyone down the wrong path.  How can you tell?


We can help guide your Power Users so they are actually moving your company in the right direction.  Often, it just takes having a relationship with someone who has done it before.


To Do

Ask your power user about their latest solution?

Where does it fit into our technology platform providers roadmap?

Are they providing guidance on building solutions using these tools and techniques?

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