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Design Patterns

Using a proven design pattern is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your development efforts.  Technologies change every month and rarely do they contain an entire feature set.  Especially in the web development arena.  New toolkits everyday.  New limitations and issues as well.


But your data management solutions need proven, robust techniques in order to be reliable.  

A successful solution requires a solid design ... coding and testing too

Can you really invent a better wheel?

It's not likely.  And do you really have time? Use proven patterns to solve your current challenges:


  • Need to ship internationally?  Look to the USPS.  They've had that down for decades.

  • Want to build an order entry and shipping system?  Look to Dell or Amazon.  They certainly have it down.

Design Patterns you probably need

Loading data.  And being able to know what did or didn't load.  And why.


Application activity logging.  A log should read like a well written novel.  Way more than a .NET stack dump or 'unknown problem occurred'.


Error handling.  Although it is far too common, your applications should not be 'failing silently'. And it requires a lot of effort.



Your primary, production, business application is displaying an error.


How many places do you need to look to KNOW what went wrong?  How long will that take to complete?

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